Food Allergy Lawsuits

Think about your legal exposure

  • If you are giving your customers information about whether a menu item is gluten or allergen free?
  • Are you sure you are providing them the correct information?
  • Are you legally liable for misinformation that you or an employee gives a customer?
  • Your customers health and the reputation of your restaurant depend on the information you provide.

Parents sue Chinese Restaurant after allergic reaction

In 2010, a Chicago student died after eating Chinese takeout food which contained peanuts. The lawsuits states a restaurant employee stated the food was peanut free, therefore the restaurant may be found liable for failing to warn customer. More info

Bread company owner guilty of fraud

In an extreme example, a Durham bread maker was selling supposedly gluten-free bread, while knowing it contained gluten, thus misleading customers. The owner was found guilty of 23 counts of fraud, and faces possible sentence of more that 17 years in prison according to WRAL

Do you cater or sell to businesses?

Food allergies may constitute a disability under the ADA. Business are becoming more sensitive to their legal responsibilities to their employees.

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