Food Allergy Online Class for Babysitters

mother with babysitter

Having children with food allergies can be a stressful experience. Leaving your child with a babysitter can exasperate it.

  • Does your babysitter understand the danger of food allergies, such as peanut allergies or milk allergies?
  • Will your babysitter be careful to avoid cross-contamination?
  • Do you have all the checklists and forms you need to convey information to your babysitter?
  • Does your babysitter know how to respond to an emergency situation?

At Allergy Free Table, we are committed to helping relieve some of that stress through education and training.

Good training will help you and your babysitter be better prepared.

Better preparation will help ease your mind when you leave your child in the care of others.

We have designed a fifteen minute free online babysitting course that will help to educate your babysitter about food allergies and children.

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