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“You have greatly helped me understand the allergies I faced and the solutions that led me to a better lifestyle.”
“I’m eating normally and have maintained my weight”

We can help you become more at-ease while managing food-related disease

Our family, like yours, manages food restrictions daily. Our routines, habits, culture and experience may be different but we share the need to balance family life with food preference, tolerance, and safety.

We can help you:
  • Develop healthier eating habits
  • Evaluate daily food choices for nutritional deficits
  • Choose the right foods for proper growth and development without allergens
  • Incorporate additional foods and flavors into your daily routine
  • Identify behaviors that underline food choices and eating behaviors

The Allergy Free Table Wellness Plan bridges the 4 branches of wellness by assessing your unique food culture, setting goals, and helping you achieve and maintain them. Each client receives a wellness plan created for their special needs, preferences and cultural lifestyle.

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