Bullying and Food Allergies for Schools

Bullying is common in all grades, kindergarten through 12th grade although it peaks in middle school. The Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology have recently published (2010) the results of a study that looks at the incidence of bullying students with food allergies. Surprisingly, the conclusion showed that 25% of kids with food allergies, from birth to 25, have been bullied. In middle school, where bullying is more common, up to 50% of kids with food allergies were bullied. This behavior can be noticeable or very discreet and cause psychological and physical harm. It is important for the safety and well being of all students that the school community takes a no tolerance approach to bullying.

To help educate students about bullying, we have created a short presentation that you can show in your classroom. Our school reviewed this presentation with all fifth grades students this year.

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