Food Allergy Courses

We have designed a fifteen minute free online babysitting course that will help to educate your babysitter about food allergies and children.

This short online course covers the various ways food allergens can appear on labels, what foods and products are covered by the law, and a short quiz to test your knowledge

As a parent, educating yourself and your school about bullying is the best weapon to defeat it.

Allergy Free Table is proud to present an online course to help educators and school administrators begin positive action to notice, prevent, and eliminate bullying

Eating out with peanut allergies, milk allergies, seafood allergies, wheat allergies or other food allergies can be a stressful experience. This short video gives helpful tips on how to eat out at restaurants safely

Asthma Basics is a free one hour interactive online learning module designed to help people learn more about asthma. This course is ideal for frontline healthcare professionals, such as school nurses or community health workers, as well as individuals with asthma, parents of children with asthma, co-workers, friends and family who want to learn more about asthma.

FAACT is proud to announce the release of our Food Allergy Curricula Program for Schools, another program that fulfills our mission to educate, advocate, and raise awareness for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis.

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