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Some of us, me included, gain weight very easily.  I feel like I can look at food and gain…and if I eat any gluten or soy products I bloat up even more.  Not a good feeling.  So, why do some people gain easily and others do not?  Well, some of us have what is called a ‘thrifty’ metabolism.  That means that our bodies use food as fuel very efficiently.  If exercising is not routine or too much food is eaten over a couple of days or longer then those of us with a thrifty metabolism gain weight.  Our thrifty bodies also efficiently store extra calories and the storage facility is our fat stores.

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How do you charge up the metabolism to burn more and store less?  It is important to take a look at what you are eating, how much you are eating and how often you are eating then compare it to the amount of daily activity and exercise you are getting.  Activity is doing laundry, shopping, playing ping pong, etc…which is different than regular exercise or playing an active sport.  We all need both each day.

Here are some tips for you to charge up your metabolism and maybe lose a few pounds…

  • Eat breakfast Start your day with 8 – 10 oz water (adding lemon may help those of you who cringe at this thought), a serving of lean protein, 1/2 cup of whole grain and a fruit or vegetable for brain power and sustainable energy then your coffee or tea.
  • Eat smaller meals especially after 3 pm if your activity level is low for the remainder of the day and night.
  • Don’t snack  Your body digests slowly and deliberately so give it time to burn off the food; snacks add extra calories that you don’t need.  Instead drink water with lemon or other low calorie, no-sugar drink like unsweetened herbal ice tea.  Tip:  diet or regular soda, and alcohol have no benefit to the body.
  • Eat when you feel hungry not just because it is the right ‘time’ of day.
  • Exercise every single day   Rule of thumb:  30 to 60 minutes of cardio every day; get the heart rate moving.  Too tired after work?  Most likely you are mentally tired.  A brisk walk will reignite the brain and be good for the body.  Every day add stretching and balancing to your workout.  Remember you can choose any type of exercise you want.
  • Drink water  Everyone is different however our bodies, on the average, need 8 cups of water a day for normal functioning without exercising and sweating.  You can include clear broth, herbal tea, and other sugar-free, non-caffeinated drinks in that count.  Caffeine acts like a diuretic which draws  water from your body.  Sugary drinks draw water from your muscles so sugary drinks are not a great solution to re-hydrate.  Btw, sports drinks were originally meant for athletes who exercise at high intensity for 2 plus hours.  They add electrolytes, simple sugars, and other ingredients meant to re-balance their system.  You can drink water and eat a banana to do the same (less expensive and more nutritious too).
  • Observe how you feel inside during meals  Your goal- ‘Hare hachi bu’, a Japanese saying which means you are about 85% full; but no more than that.
  • Limit fat, sugar and salt in your diet  No more than 30% fat but no less than 10% fat in your overall diet.  Don’t add sugar or salt to your foods.  There is enough of both in processed and prepared foods already.  It takes practice but you can do this.  Did you know that the heavy sugar and salt in our diet can mask flavors?  Try going without adding either for a week and you may discover a whole world of flavor!
  • Drop the spoon, fork, knife…i.e…in between bites place your utensils or finger foods down in between bites.  It slows down your eating to help your body digest and achieve fullness without overdoing it.  This trick is a staple exercise for people undergoing treatment for binge eating and it works.

What if you hate exercise, sports, and sweating?

My advice is to walk.  Walk the dog if you have one.  Walk around the block.  Walk with a neighbor, family member or friend…or by yourself for some alone time.  Walk every day.  Start out with a normal pace then gradually speed up the pace until your last block then slow it down.  The benefits affect your body, mind and spirit not to mention better sleep at night.  Start today…outside if the weather permits or at the indoor mall

Your reward?  Satisfaction, improved confidence, better health, and a slimmer waistline.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

I hope I helped motivate you to charge up your metabolism today to be as healthy as you can be despite food sensitivities.

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