Traveling with Food Allergies

These foods lack essential nutrients and fiber. When eaten regularly they do more physical harm than good according to recent studies.

  1. Sugar sweetened beverages and juice
  2. White sugar
  3. White flour (with or without gluten)
  4. Hydrogenated oils
  5. Processed meats with added nitrites/nitrates

Our Story:

When our son was diagnosed with food allergies he had not eaten any food; he was 5 months old. It seemed like it happened overnight red and inflamed skin all over his body. This was not Cradles Cap but what was causing it? He felt miserable; we felt worried. Off to the doctor we went. After the exam the Doctor said to me, He probably has food allergies. Blink blinkblank expressionFood Allergies? Huh? A blood test confirmed he was allergic to not one but many foods. Our first questionWhat could we feed him when he begins solid food? And as he grew we wondered, What could he eat as a treat? His treats became fruit leathers, sports drinks, and Italian ice. Celebrations included homemade cake with white rice flour and tapioca starch. What we didnt know at the time was these foods made it more difficult to develop and expand his palate to enjoy healthy fresh foods. Fast forward to age 5. Our son began to gag on healthy fresh vegetables and fruit. Starchy food and meats were his preferenceand anything sweet. Still we served fruit and vegetables at every meal and asked him to try a taste. Sometimes he did or not. We baked with healthier gluten free flours (quinoa, millet and brown rice) when his allergy to wheat was no longer. I bought a copy of Jessica Seinfelds book Deceptively Delicious to hide vegetables and fruits in his food. His palate improved oh so slowly and continues to improve. What we learned is it takes time (lots and lots of time) and planning. As a family it also means making a decision how often to allow these foods and learn what healthier substitutes are enjoyable.

Want to learn how to limit or avoid these foods altogether? Go to our Need Help? page to learn more.

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