Kiwi Allergy

Kiwi Allergies?


A kiwi is a small fruit that has a fuzzy greenish brown exterior and bright green interior. It is a small tropical fruit, about the size of a computer mouse. A kiwi allergy is due to the immune system reacting to contact with and/or ingestion of a kiwi fruit. Kiwi allergy reactions can range from mild to oral based only to life threatening or anaphylaxis.

Are there products made with kiwi that I should avoid along with the fruit itself?

Yes, kiwiberry extract (powdered), and foods that included baked or fresh kiwi.

Are there any cross reactive foods related to the kiwi allergy?

Some studies say that birch and latex allergies are similar to kiwi due to similar protein structure. Check with your allergist to find out whether you have an allergy or sensitivity to either of these foods.

If you suspect you have food allergies, see your doctor or allergist for testing and diagnosis. Knowing what foods to avoid and carrying emergency medicine like epinephrine, if needed, can save your life if you have a serious allergy.

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