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How Sweet It Is!


My fellow allergen and gluten free food sensitive shoppers…we found an answer to your dessert woes.

Last month at Allergy Free Table we were graced with a copy of a new cookbook ‘Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats: Allergy-free & Vegan Recipes’.  As a gluten and soy free foodie I find it is difficult to find a healthy dessert that doesn’t have possible traces of soy or gluten.  So that means I am always on the lookout for a good book of recipes with yummy good-for-you desserts.  This book fit the bill and hopefully you will find the recipes as satisfying.

Sweet Debbie is known for her cupcakes…well known and rightfully so.  Her cupcakes and bakery are located in southern California and are popular with more than just gluten or allergy free folks…people love her cupcakes.  We love the recipes in her new book.

Sweetdebbiescookbook-150x150This cookbook is bursting with fantastic dessert recipes that will make you swoon and your kids will beg for more…food allergies, intolerance or not!  She even has a recipe for making chocolate to crumble on top of the cupcakes.  Delightful, delicious, and oh so tempting.  Did I mention the answer to birthday party treats too?  Oh yea.

Do we love this book?  Yes and here’s why.  Debbie’s recipes call for organic ingredients (you can substitute non-organic if you like) that provide your body with the best nutrients gluten free and vegan.  We can attest to the health benefits of organic foods in our family…totally worth every penny.

Another reason we love this book is Sweet Debbie uses low glycemic flours that are high in protein and fiber such as millet, teff, and sorghum.  The typical gluten free white starches and flours (i.e..tapioca, potato, and white rice for example) are high glycemic…that means hello high blood sugar level.  These high glycemic flours are very commonly found in ready made gluten free flour mixes, cookies, and breads AND have no nutritional value at all, whatsoever…none, nada, forget-about-it; nor do they provide good fiber.   The flours in Debbie’s recipes can be purchased at grocers who carry alternative flours such as Bob’s Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills at the same price or cheaper than those ‘white’ gluten free flours.

Our heartfelt thanks to Sweet Debbie for sending us the book to review.  Our family is grateful and smiling with cupcake crumbs all over our faces.  My food allergic son said (about these recipes) ‘Sweet’ (which means ‘this is incredibly delicious’).  He is a food sensitive shopper/foodie from way back…12 years.  He is so excited to have home made brownies stocked in the fridge that are peanut, tree nut, and dairy free…gluten free too.

If you want to learn more about Sweet Debbie (she has a great story that will probably resonate with you) click on the book cover; it will take you to her website.  You can order her cupcakes online too.  Heavenly delicious desserts….Enjoy  Visit Sweet Debbie at:  http://www.sweetdebbiesorganiccupcakes.com/index.html



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