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What’s the plan?

June…it’ll be here next week.  Don’t panic – there is still time to make summer plans for the kids.

Kids need structure and well, let’s face it, we enjoy the school year on some level because our kids are engaged in learning, playing, and socializing.  Plus we don’t have to plan as much…that’s a great attribute of the school year.  Don’t get me wrong – we love spending unstructured time with our sons but 12 weeks of summer can feel like a long, long time if your kids have little to do.

Just thinking about it can cause anxiety right?  That’s why we are sharing some planning tips for you.

1. Write out your summer budget.

2. Make a list of possible activities and discuss with your spouse or significant other then make choices.

3. Set aside time in your day to book activities.

4. Provide training to new caregivers and any one else who has not worked for you lately.  Try our free caregiver/babysitter training.

5. Meet with school or camp directors and their staff to provide food allergy safety information including how to prevent, recognize and treat anaphylaxis.

6. Visit Pinterest for summertime fun activities and new recipes.

7. Do you belong to a swimming pool, country club, or  community recreation center?  Meet with the appropriate staff to make sure they know you, your child (bring a photo) and how to manage food allergies safely at their site.

8. Are family members sharing the care-giving responsibilities?  If you feel they need a resource about food allergy safety and management pick up a Food Allergies & Grandchildren: Pocket Guide for Grandparents book.  It is a handy resource book for any family member who needs a little FA guidance.

We hope this list has encouraged you to begin planning before the school year ends.


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