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When our sons were three we thought we would find out how other parents with children who have food allergies plan and prepare for a safe Halloween.  We learned so much and encourage you to learn more by going to our Allergy Free Table Simple & Safe Halloween page.    But before you go here is our story…

Dressing up for Halloween is such fun and our three year old twin boys were already excited.  We went to the store and found two of the cutest costumes.  One son picked out a bright yellow duck costume…he loved yellow and also ducks.  His twin choose a dragon costume that was adorable and fitting since he loved dragons and dinosaurs.  They pranced around the house in their outfits for days while I bit my nails and called around asking ‘how did you take your food allergic child out to trick or treat safely?’  Many said, ‘oh we don’t go out’.  I was determined to be safe and allow them to go out into the neighborhood.  So I devised a plan.  I made plastic snack bags for each that had non-food treats.  I decided to only visit about 10 homes.  Then the morning of Halloween I visited each of these 10 neighbors, explained our situation and handed over the bags.  It was a hit.  Our children did not know I rigged their trick or treat experience and I don’t feel it would matter anyway.  They now know and don’t really care.  They also had fun…very safely and controlled.  My kind of Halloween.

Visit our Simple & Safe Halloween page for more information on how you can plan and prepare your child’s Halloween.


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