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Janna Trone of Allergy Free Table


 Teach your child self-advocacy…it’s never too late

Advocating can be scary for the parents and the child with food allergies.  Teaching self advocacy starts in the home by modeling proper behavior and teaching how to be proactive so your child can grow up being able to take care of his or her food allergy needs.  Without this important skill it is more difficult to navigate the world around you when dealing with food allergic disease.


Kristin Klein The Food Allergy Therapist

Kristin and I are at it again.  Our podcast topic this time is ‘Empowering your child to self-advocate’.  Get some tea or coffee, put your feet up and take a half of an hour to listen in to learn about how to teach your child to advocate for him or herself by reading labels, asking questions, and informing others at school, home, in a restaurant and during social events.

Podcast:   https://soundcloud.com/allergyfreetable/empowering-your-food-allergic

Kristin is the Food Allergy Therapist.  She can work with you or your child in person or long distance.  Contact her at (213) 140-4780 or send an email to:  kristi@foodallergy.com


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