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I’d like to try that!

That is what I thought when I saw the products that I am going to review today.  We hope you find them interesting enough to try.

Red Apple LipstickRedApplelipstick

This product is gluten free, soy free and non-toxic.  They sent me a variety of colors which I tried and they really looked great.  The lipstick is smooth, the pigments last and my lips did not object.  Typically I mash my lips together until the lipstick is gone.  When I tried this brand I did not feel that heavy feeling or any irritation.  I was able to let it be and not rub it off.   I am sold on their lipsticks.  I really like their website and Facebook site as well.  Very energetic group!

Redapplelipstickred-150x150  Click on the lipstick to go to their website.

PremiumchocolatiersPremium Chocolatiers

I love chocolate!  These chocolates are dairy, gluten, egg and nut free..  A hard combo of allergens to exclude yet Premium Chocolatiers have done it with success.    Our family tried ‘PeaNots’, a faux peanut butter cup with soy nut butter inside and good chocolate outside.   Our son with food allergies is slow to try new safe foods and will have to try this product another time.  I am certain he would love their chocolate bars and their new product ‘No No’s’.   His twin brother and my husband were delighted with the taste,  the firm chocolate and creamy filling…they said ‘can we buy more?’  Guess what product is going on our shopping list?  You got it…chocolate bars and PeaNots!

Premium Chocolatiers have a new product coming out called ‘No No’s’.  Similar to M&M’s only without nuts, dairy, eggs, and gluten.  Check out their list of chocolate products…you may find one you really want to try.  Their website is below.

Peanots-150x150Click on the PeaNot Cups bag to go to their website

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

I saw an ad for this company and thought, ‘what does avocado oil taste like?’  So I contacted Chosen Foods for a sample.  They sent me a full bottle and it is delightful.   I tested and  liked the high heat capability…500 degrees.   Much higher than olive  and canola oils.   This oil is not cold pressed but refined at 350 degrees; lower than most oils are refined and the reason is to protect the flavor.    Our son didn’t detect this oil in his food either; relief Now I can save my extra virgin olive oil for salad dressings.

ChosenfoodsavocadooilClick on the photo to go to their link.

We hope we have introduced a few new products for you to try and hopefully enjoy.


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