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New Schedule – Monthly Posts

As I see the light in my pursuit of a masters degree in nutrition education I have widened my passion to help others who have food allergy, are gluten free, or are dealing with a sudden dietary change.  My goal is to be an educational resource for anyone who is experiencing a limited diet.   Because I am raising my food sensitive children as well as completing my studies and providing courses,  services and books on the Allergy Free Table website I decided a monthly post schedule works best for me right now.  I hope you have enjoyed my posts thus far.  So far in 2014 I have introduced you, the Food Sensitive Shopper, to some insight on weight loss and gain with food restrictions, provided insight on how new products taste, book reviews and more…

I hope you are finding these posts informative as you shop for and eat for wellness.  Please revisit posts whenever you have the need…the information is always available.

Our new monthly post schedule will begin at the end of March.

Be well, eat well, feel well, and live well on your food restricted diet.  Make it your mantra…we do in our home.

As always, Cheers! to you as you take part in your health and wellness.

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