Essentials for the kitchen – The Food Sensitive Shopper

Is sharing really a good idea?

Have you had difficulty avoiding cross contact in your kitchen?

Do you have an adult child who is attending college or working and living away from home for the first time who is a food sensitive shopper?

Well, sharing is over rated in the kitchen when it comes to being a food sensitive shopper.  That is why we decided to create a list of kitchen essentials to call your own to help you avoid cross contact and enjoy your food with peace of mind.  While some of the items may not fit into your culinary world we know you will find a few that do and in a color that everyone can identify as yours.


Here’s our list:

Cast iron skillet – Cooking with cast iron is gaining popularity again.  We made a chocolate cake in a Dutch oven recently for my husband’s birthday and he loved it!

Colander – Oh those holes…notorious for harboring gluten proteins.  Have you seen the colorful brands?  We have a bright yellow one…perfect for gluten free pasta.

Cutting board – In Europe and now in the U.S. the color purple has been designated the allergy safe color for food prep.  We found two  inexpensive cutting boards:

1.  The Web Restaurant Store –

2.  WalMart – Found in Kitchen department in their cutting board section.  $9.99 for a white cutting board with purple trim and a purple knife.  See if your WalMart carries it in a color that you can use as designated allergy friendly.  They have many colorful cutting boards and knives on line. The knives come in purple.

Some cutting boards are used for serving foods such as; cheeses, deli meats,  lox, and more…  We use a glass cutting board for these foods because it is not porous and can be thoroughly cleaned.

Food scraper and plastic scrubber – Obviously lots of food co-mingles on these items.   We have seen both at the grocery store in a variety of colors.

Pots and pans – Check yours…do they have food residue?  Some food sensitive shoppers cannot tolerate even a little residue.

Pyrex bake ware – They come in many sizes and are reasonably priced.  Have you seen those brown streaks of baked on food on your Pyrex?  This form of food residue is so hard to remove.  Best to have your own.

Sponges – We use a purple sponge that is dedicated to washing anything in the kitchen that has touched dairy, nuts or seeds.  Pop them in the microwave for a minute to remove bacteria;  if you want to remove food proteins wash in the laundry.

Stoneware – This porous bake ware can harbor food residue.  We love our Pampered Chef stone muffin pan for gluten free baking.

Storage containers – When we pack lunches our son has his own sandwich container with a green lid.  To separate  and protect your kitchen essentials  try a large plastic bin or separate cupboard for storage.  Don’t forget to label it.

Utensils – Wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas, finely serrated knives, fruit and veg peelers, cheese slicers,  and food graters all are difficult to clean.  The reason?  Some are porous, others have lots of holes or nooks and crannies that can harbor residue.

Wok – Used at high heat to cook oils, nuts, seeds, garlic and other foods you may be avoiding.  Teflon woks do not need to be conditioned with oil, they don’t rust and are easier to remove stubborn food residue.  We have one by Caphalon that is easy to clean and is dedicated nut, seed, gluten, soy and dairy free.

We found all of these items in various prices, colors, sizes and quality at department stores like WalMart, Target, and Macy’s as well as kitchen stores like Williams-Sanoma and Pottery Barn. They make great gifts too.



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