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Mom (or Dad) I’m Bored


Ever hear this statement?    The gifts are all unwrapped.  The kids have played with all of their new gifts.  Now what? Well, it’s time for some family fun.  We generated a list of things to do that take little to no time to plan for large and small groups.  Whether you have fun together as a family, just your kids need something to do,  or some of your children’s friends come over to play it is a great idea to have a list of fun activities they can do that you know they will love.   So as soon as you hear the dreaded “I’m bored” …

Focus on the Fun
  • Crafts – these are fun even for adults.  Make greeting cards, design a floral arrangement, or learn to decoupage as easy and fun crafts for all
  • Games – the fun never stops when everyone is playing a game.  During the colder months play cards, build card houses, play board games, pull out  and dust off the checkers, chess, or backgammon sets
  • Active games – Charades, Twister, Ping Pong, and Billiards are some of our favorites.  Some require only your imagination!
  • Sports – On warmer winter days a game of bocce ball, lawn darts, and badminton are fun.  Bundle up on colder days for a big community touch football game with mixed ages to offset the uber competitiveness
  • Sightseeing – Every winter there are many wonderful surprises outside and a few good ones inside.  Regardless of your family traditions you can go on a hike to see winter birds and observe the new growth on trees and shrubs.  Visit a local museum, historic building, or walk down your local Main Street to take in all of the holiday decorations and festivities which are still displayed this week.
  • Exercise – Don’t forget to gather the kids and go for a walk, do some sit-ups and push-ups, play tag, put on a yoga or kick boxing CD, or create an obstacle course in your home or outside.  We do this and  have the kids run up and down the stairs, do jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and balance for a length of time.  A stop watch or your everyday watch with a second hand (or digital style works great) to time the participants.  A colorful ribbon loosely run across the finish line is a lot of fun for children to burst through.  Have fun with it….I know we have.

We hope we have stirred up some enthusiasm to dust off the old football, chess set, and ping pong table.  Need another reason to focus on the fun?  Adding activity is a very healthful way to live because it reduces stress,  builds relationships, and avoids foods that are harmful.  Let’s revive the once dying art of activity and start anew…before the new year begins.

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