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Dogs can have food allergies too

I love dogs.  They are truly man’s and woman’s best friends; that is unless you love cats or birds or snakes… Right now we don’t actually have a dog but we definitely pet all of our friends and family’s dogs.  Soon we will get a dog.  Well, that’s what I tell my children and I mean it but how soon I cannot answer.

Some of you may know that dogs can have food allergies and some of you may not.  I was searching online for information about pets and came across this interesting blog  called ‘The Paw Print’ and a post on the three most common dog allergies.  The company that hosts the blog is Pet Safe.  They have a super blog all about pets.  I highly recommend this article if you suspect your dog may have food allergies or just want to learn more.  Enjoy!

Pet-Safe-snip  Go to the link below to read more about food allergies in dogs…


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