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Winter Solstice


Upon us in a couple of days is Winter Solstice.  It is the shortest day of the year and has some very interesting history.   The obvious is that this is the first day of winter.  The earth’s tilt is the reason for this day.  The name means ‘sun stands still’ and the sun is lowest on the horizon than any other time.  If you are like me it is a day to celebrate because it means beginning on the following day the days become longer and the nights shorter.   I always look forward to the lengthening days; it feels great to have more light and sunshine!

Many families celebrate Winter Solstice and we thought we would share some fun activities with family and friends to celebrate the start of winter.

cold-day-954195-sHere are some ideas;

  • Observe the night sky – visit a local planetarium, observatory, look through your telescope or just look up at the night sky.  It has to be dark so you may want to go on a night hike at a local park where there are no street lights to enjoy the star shine night-sky-1246877-s
  • Play in the snow – this day is all about getting out into the light no matter where you are…well, maybe not in Alaska…not much light there this time of year but you get the picture.
  • Have a hot cocoa or tea party outside in front of a safely built fire or fire pit or inside with beautifully lit candles, the fireplace or even the flame-less candles…it’s all about mood.  btw, ‘Ah Alaska’ is a dairy free brand of hot cocoa mix…enjoy!


    Food Allergy Mama’s Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Recipe

  • Look for events in your area that celebrate this nature inspired event
  • Search for ‘Winter Solstice’ crafts, foods and activities on Pintrest.  We love this site…lots of incredible ideas for the family and home.

We will be celebrating Winter Solstice in our home.  It connects us to nature even when it is cold outside.  Good for the heart and soul as long as you are dressed for the weather.


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