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Candy is not always Dandy for the Food Sensitive Shopper

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Have you been seeing Batman, Superman, Princesses and Minnie Mouse in the grocery store lately?  I certainly have.  It is a joy to see children in their favorite costume bouncing, smiling, and so full of excitement.  With all of that joy also comes the dreams of candies…lots of them in their trick or treat bag come Halloween night.  Our food sensitive children have to be very careful about what goes in their bag and their mouths.

Do you have a plan for all of the unsafe candy your child may bring into the house?  Today we are sharing candy alternatives for you to prepare for swapping out  candy that is off limits due to food allergy and sensitivity.

Candy Swap –
  • Fruits – this time of year apples are delicious and fresh…how about some home made apple pie, dipped apples, and an old fashioned game of bobbing for apples.  A candy per bob is the trade off.
  • Home made cookies – Try making your child’s favorites and swap one for one.
  • Craft items –  Great for children who love crafts
  • art-supplies-587998-sArt supplies – Is your child, tween or teen into drawing, painting, or other art medium?  Great swapping opportunity


  • Find a local dentist who buys the candy and pays cash.  We did this last year and even got rid of extra candy we did not give away that night.  Our sons were $10 richer that day.
  • Movie tickets  tickets-1-493827-s
  • Mini-golf with the family or friends
  • A sleep over with favorite friends
  • Send candy to the food bank for children who have no food and would love a treat if your food bank has this program
  • Inquire at school to see if there is a donation program

We set up a swap on the table to begin the process immediately after trick or treat bag sorting.   My husband takes all chocolate unless it has peanut or tree nuts which he puts in the donation bag.  Have fun with your swap.

Do you have some great candy swapping advice?  Tell us about it.
Want to learn more about having a safe Halloween?  Go to our Simple and Safe Tips for Halloween; click on ‘BOO” to get there.


Simple & Safe Halloween

Oh, and be sure to wash the trick or treat bag to remove any possibility of trace amounts of food allergens or gluten.  Then it’ll be ready for next year.  Happy Halloween!

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