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I am a fan of making lists. Shopping lists, ‘To do’ lists, project lists… my desk is covered.

When you venture down the path of gluten or allergen free shopping you can spend a lot of time in the store searching for products that are safe to eat or use. That is why I recommend making a list; it’s efficient, helpful, and hopefully will lessen stress.

Over the years I have spent many hours each week grocery shopping.  This led to developing a better system to navigate the aisles while not compromising freshness and quality.  Be prepared to read labels, ask questions, compare products, and take notes at the store (bring your notepad and pen or pencil).

Divide your shopping list into the following three categories; shop in the same order:

  1. Interior – Processed and packaged foods and beverages, baking supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies, and personal products
  2. Perimeter – produce, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, juice, breads and deli
  3. Frozen foods

Two great reasons to shop this way…

  • The frozen and chilled foods stay in the freezer or coolers during the more tedious part of your shopping experience thus staying frozen or chilled longer. This allows you to spend more time reading labels and asking  questions
  • The produce, breads, eggs, and so on don’t get squished under food packages

To learn ‘How to read food package labels’  listen in on our Podcast or take our short free course on How to Read a label for food allergens.

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