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Nut allergies and School – Lessen the Risk

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Is your school aged child allergic to peanuts or tree nuts? Sending your child to school, whether it is for the first time or to be in a new class, is very nerve wracking isn’t it?  Add food allergies and we (parents) feel we are going to explode from worry.  At least I do and so I am very proactive about our son’s food allergies and the care needed for him to be safe at school.  Giving care is a priority so our food allergic students everywhere can receive an equal education.

Speaking of nut allergies and giving care we were introduced to a new website called ‘Backup Care’.  It is for caregivers (parents and grandparents included) who care for just about anyone at any age.  What I like about the site is resources and how to create a back up plan when the caregiver is not available.   This is a great site to learn about readiness to handle problems while giving care.  Take a look and bookmark the website to use as a reference.  I know I did.

BACKUP CARE – talks about nut allergies and schools – click on their logo to read all about it-

Backup Care

How to Keep a Child with Nut Allergies Safe at School

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