Food Allergies Book

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Has your child been diagnosed with food allergies?
Do you need support with how to safely..
  • Feed your family
  • Hire and train a caregiver
  • Have a party
  • Choose a restaurant
  • Go on vacation?

Whether your child has a single or multiple food allergies there are lifestyle changes you will need to make to ensure your child’s safety from a food allergy reaction.

Pocket Guide for Parents contains: helpful stories, tips, facts and resources to help you quickly learn how to safely cook, clean, shop for allergy friendly foods, entertain, choose a restaurant, attend a social event, travel, choose a caregiver, and more…

Pocket Guide for Parents: Food Allergies & Children can help you find a new normal way of living with food allergies.

This convenient pocket sized book can be easily carried in your purse, book bag, and so on by you, family members, friends and caregivers. Keep it handy to provide answers to questions and solve problems when they arise

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