Egg Allergy

Egg Allergies?


When a person is in contact with or ingests an egg product the bodys immune system reacts. The proteins in the egg are considered harmful by the body which causes an allergic reaction. Symptoms can occur within seconds or a reaction could be delayed as long as two hours. The severity of the symptoms may vary from mild to as severe as life threatening.

Can I eat cooked eggs?

Most of the egg allergies are to the white part of the egg, called albumin. Both raw and cooked eggs can be problematic for some egg allergic people so complete avoidance is usually recommended. Check with your physician to be certain.

What can I use to replace eggs when we cook?

There are a few egg substitutes that work. A product called Egg Replacer works well with baking and instructions as well as recipes are on the box. This product can be found at Whole Foods grocer or natural food stores in your area. You can order it online, just search for the product name. Check the ingredients on any egg substitutes; many egg substitutes contain egg, because they are made for people trying to reduce cholesterol, not for those with egg allergies.

You can also soak ground flax seeds to replace eggs. Flaxseeds can be purchased at most grocery stores.

Here is how to replace one egg using flax seed:

  • 1Tbs (tablespoon) ground flaxseeds
  • 3Tbs lukewarm water
  • Stir together until the mixture becomes thick and gelatinous

If you suspect you have food allergies, see your doctor or allergist for testing and diagnosis. Knowing what foods to avoid and carrying emergency medicine like epinephrine, if needed, can save your life if you have a serious allergy.

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