Food Allergy Training

Enhance your knowledge of food allergy and food intolerance safety with AGA TRAINING

The incidence of food allergies, intolerances,and celiac disease has become so common there is an increased need for education in multiple settings. This course covers definitions, the science of food allergies and intolerances; food management practices to prevent, recognize, and treat food related illness; and more…

AGA training is a module for the independent learner and teachers who want to add it to their existing curriculum.

AGA training provides annual training and a certificate of awareness to employees in the food service industry.

Restaurants/Cafeterias/Food Service Staff

who work in the food service or hospitality industry can enroll as an independent learner.


Provide your students with a comprehensive food allergy and intolerance safety module to your food science, home economics, nutrition, health, or wellness curriculum. One year individual class or unlimited class license available…Learn More


Studying culinary arts, food science, home economics, nutrition, or wellness can enroll as an independent learner… Learn More

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