Food Allergy Safety Course

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Add food allergy safety to your food science, home economics, nutrition, health, or wellness curriculum with A.G.A. TRAINING

The objectives for this learning module are:

  • How to define and know the difference between food allergies, celiac disease and food intolerance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the U.S. Food Labeling Law, FALCPA
  • Prevention techniques to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of allergens and gluten
  • Recognize symptoms of a severe allergic reaction
  • How to demonstrate proper emergency treatment for food allergies
  • Define relevant restaurant terms such as; back of the house and front of the house
  • Demonstrate methods for avoiding allergens and gluten in a food service establishment in both the front and back of the house in a variety of food service settings; i.e.Cafeteria, formal dining, casual, QSR, and fast casual
  • Properly communicate with and serving a diner who has food allergies or intolerances
  • Properly communicate with food vendors, manufacturers, and diners with special dietary needs about products, ingredients, and menu options.
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1 year license unlimited students

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