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Halloween with Food Allergies

Simple & Safe Safety tips for a food allergy friendly Halloween Managing food allergies during Halloween can be tricky. Before you are too spooked to enjoy this holiday view our simple and safe tips

Simple & Safe Spring holidays

Simple & Safe Easter is a tricky holiday especially for children with egg allergies. Instead of coloring real eggs try food free crafts Visit Simple as That for a paper plate baby chick craft or visit us on Pinterest for many more holiday crafts ideas.

Tips for a food allergy friendly Thanksgiving

Simple & Safe Tips for a food allergy friendly Thanksgiving Before the family arrives and the Thanksgiving feast begins view our Simple and Safe tips to help you provide a safe and fun Thanksgiving for the entire family

Valentines Simple & Safe

Simple & Safe Valentine’s Day Valentines Day is a day we can all celebrate our loved ones both present and past. It is a wonderful day to remind ourselves that love is both an action word and a personal feeling. This Valentines Day we hope you will create your own custom celebration that is food […]

Simple & Safe Winter Holiday Season


Simple & Safe Planning a holiday celebration? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice there are considerations to make when planning meals so you can accommodate guests or family members with food allergies or other food intolerances. Take a moment to view our 12 days of planning for your winter holiday celebration.

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