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Tree Nut Allergy

Tree Nut Allergies? Definition: Tree nuts comprise a variety of nut products, although not peanut which is a legume. A person may be allergic to only one type of tree nut or allergic to multiple varieties. When a person is in contact with or ingests a tree nut product the bodys immune system reacts. The […]

Nut Matching Game

With food allergies, particularly tree nut and peanut allergies, it is important to know what tree nuts and peanuts look like, and their names so they can be avoided. This fun matching game challenges you to find the nut match somewhere in the puzzle. The advanced game challenges you to match the name of the […]

Nut Free Sign


  More Signs   Please print and post these free nut-free signs to help keep your children with peanut allergies safe at daycare or school. We created four different sizes for your convenience.

FALCPA Tree Nut Common Names

Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 also known as FALCPA, requires the top eight food allergens be listed by common name on food labels regulated by the FDA. Below are the common tree nut names specified by the FDA to be used on product labels. Almond Beech nut Brazil nut Butternut Cashew […]

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