Allergy Band

What is an Allergy Band or Allergy Bracelet?

An allergy bracelet, also called allergy band or medical ID bracelet, is used to communicate your child’s medical issues or allergies to medical and emergency professionals. The band will include your child’s medical alerts, plus your contact information. Some allergy bands even include links to a person’s online medical records.

Should my child wear an allergy band?

If you child has a life threatening condition like food allergies, wearing an allergy band is advised. If you or your child is unable to communicate about your child’s allergies, a medical bracelet will be essential to medical personnel to treat your child in case of emergency.

Are children’s styles available?

Yes, children’s styles are now available and advised. The traditional metal bracelet from previous generations is still available, but now there are many colors, designs, and materials to choose from.

TIP: Find several that are acceptable to you and let your child choose between them. You will want to update the style as your child grows; we have changed allergy bands a number of times, so our child feels comfortable wearing his allergy bracelet as he matures.

What information should I include the allergy bracelet?

List your child’s allergies, both to food and medicine, plus any other conditions like asthma. List your child’s name, and your contact information. Other varied information can be listed such as current medications, but space is limited, and each situation is different. Most retailers have lists of suggestions and abbreviations to choose from.

Here are some questions to consider when purchasing medical alert jewelry:

  • What is the most identifiable style of medical alert jewelry?
    • The traditional styles have been around for longer than newer, fancier styles however emergency responders are trained to look for jewelry, tattoos, and phone applications.
  • Do rubber allergy bands that resemble other popular wristbands (for example: yellow “LiveStrong” bracelets) result in confusion?
    • It may, but any jewelry may be overlooked. A thorough exam by an emergency responder should include evaluating all jewelry to find medical information.
  • Do emergency responders look first for allergy bracelets and not as often for allergy necklaces?
    • Some believe that bands are slightly more effective than necklaces; we have not seen studies to support this though.

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