First flight jitters

Our twin boys, one with food allergies, flew on their first flight at 5 months old.  Off to sunny Florida with auto-injectors filled with epinephrine and a bottle Benedryl on hand to visit grandma and grandpa.

Our biggest travel fear?  Cross contamination that would lead to anaphlaxis.

Gavin (left) had already been diagnosed with multiple food allergies when this photo was taken. With his twin, Jackson

Our minds were in overdrive with questions…

What do we do if our son touches something that had nuts or cheese or egg or wheat or milk or peanuts or soy?

What if he has a reaction on board?

Will the airline let us board early?

What surfaces in the aircraft potentially have allergen exposure?

Will my parents ‘get it’?

What is our emergency plan?

Are we crazy?

We began to prepare. No, we weren’t crazy.  ‘Traveling with food allergy is doable’, we not so confidently convinced ourselves.

Before we booked the flight we had the food allergy safety talk.

We called the airline.  The rep told us we could pre-board, wipe down surfaces, and they were only serving pretzels.  We did and the boys were fine.

Called my parents to explain our needs.  ‘Of course, whatever you need’, they said and went the extra mile to accommodate. (we understand this isn’t always the case when visiting others; more on that topic later)

So….what happened?

We had an exceptionally fun long weekend.  No allergy issues just good times with family.  That’s how it all began … more adventures to follow.

‘Oh the places they’ll see’  – Dr. Seuss

At this writing our sons are 15 and completing a year abroad with us. 12 months – 12 countries, Washington,D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida – Check out our travel stories as they are posted.


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Julie, founder of Allergy Free Table, LLC, and her family spend their time exploring, traveling and learning how to eat healthy without allergens or food sensitivities. She has worn many hats in the food allergy community since 2001 - support group member, volunteer, advocate, educator, author and speaker. Julie received her master's degree from Framingham State University in Nutrition Education in 2015.

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