School Overnight Trips

Send or Not to Send? That is the question.

School class trips abroad or to another state have an appeal to many students but to our FA children? They may feel the opposite.  Our FA son has an opportunity to travel to either NY city or the Dominican Republic during spring break.  Sign up is soon.  So much pressure!

Making a Responsible Decision

As a parent of FA children being at the point where they have the opportunity to travel without me is quite scary.  You may relate to my thoughts – what if a reaction occurs or a chef makes a mistake when preparing our child’s food, will he carry his epi everywhere, and who can we trust to oversee his care?

I have these fears! Our son does too.

As a parent I want him to experience a great adventure.  I also feel it is in our son’s best interest to make informed decisions.  He needed to answer;

1. Does he feel like this is an excursion he wants to attend?

2. Does he feel he can advocate for his own food allergy safety or would he prefer a parent attend? If the former ask how he or she would handle FA safety.

3. Will he or she carry epi everywhere?

4. Who can serve as the trusted adult to help advocate and respond correctly in an emergency?

A ‘yes’ to #1 means parents and child can discuss what preparations are necessary then begin generating a task list.

Answering anything other than yes on questions 2 and 3 tells us our child will need to learn how to take greater responsibility for their safety and advocacy.  Finding a trusted adult to serve as advocate and emergency responder is essential.

Next steps

Owning up to current behavior patterns is a green light.  It signals time to begin improving behaviors through knowledge and practice.


Our son’s answer to question #1 was a no.  It empowered him to make the decision.  When the time comes I am prepared to plan with him how to be safe while traveling without a trusted parent.


Plan, prepare and travel with epi.  Ciao for now.

Julie, founder of Allergy Free Table, LLC, and her family spend their time exploring, traveling and learning how to eat healthy without allergens or food sensitivities. She has worn many hats in the food allergy community since 2001 - support group member, volunteer, advocate, educator, author and speaker. Julie received her master's degree from Framingham State University in Nutrition Education in 2015.

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