What’s in your dog’s food?

Dogs can have food allergies too

I love dogs.  They are truly man’s and woman’s best friends; that is unless you love cats or birds or snakes… Right now we don’t actually have a dog but we definitely pet all of our friends and family’s dogs.  Soon we will get a dog.  Well, that’s what I tell my children and I mean it but how soon I cannot answer.

Some of you may know that dogs can have food allergies and some of you may not.  I was searching online for information about pets and came across this interesting blog  called ‘The Paw Print’ and a post on the three most common dog allergies.  The company that hosts the blog is Pet Safe.  They have a super blog all about pets.  I highly recommend this article if you suspect your dog may have food allergies or just want to learn more.  Enjoy!

Pet Safe snip  Go to the link below to read more about food allergies in dogs…






Julie is the CEO of Allergy Free Table, LLC. She started the company in 2009 after publishing her first of three pocket guides for food allergy management. She and her husband have twins; one with life threatening multiple food allergies and both with asthma. Julie avoids all gluten and soy due to intolerance. In May 2015 Julie will have completed her Master's degree in Nutrition Education from Framingham State University. Her company's mission is to empower through education. Allergy Free Table, LLC offers educational materials and courses to help manage food related disease and custom programs in nutrition education and food allergen/gluten intolerance management.

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