Emergency Prep travels far

Safety First

Skin healing after removing soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, and peanuts

Remember the day you found out your loved one was diagnosed with anaphylaxis? I will never forget.  After looking at our infant son’s red irritated skin his pediatrician declared the reason was food allergies.  My reaction…a doe in the headlights glare.

Our next step was a steep uphill climb to food allergy safety in our lives.  That included epi training and how to recognize a reaction.

Those of you with epi training are now life savers.  Last week I took it a step farther.

Live and Give

I enrolled in a local CPR course through the American Red Cross to receive my CPR/AED certificate.  It was a combination of online learning and classroom.  I liked the convenience.

Why blog about this topic?

The course now includes anaphylaxis.  It also added ‘do you have an allergy’ to the list of questions for any responsive person experiencing any medical emergency.  Finally.  Two years ago there was no mention of food allergy or anaphylaxis when I took the course.

After completing the section on allergy/anaphylaxis emergency care I reminisced about our family journey to spread awareness about anaphylaxis and food allergy safety over the past 15 years.

Wow, what a difference advocacy makes – we are such a  supportive and hardworking FA community one and all.

Why should we become certified?

Fortunately medical emergencies are not a common experience for most of us.  But what if you are needed to help in an emergency?  Here’s why –

  • Help save a precious life
  • Build medical knowledge and confidence
  • Be better prepared to act quickly
  • The good Samaritan act in all 50 states support bystander care until medical personnel arrive; check your state for specifics

Be well, live fully, prepare thoroughly and carry epi.



Julie, founder of Allergy Free Table, LLC, and her family spend their time exploring, traveling and learning how to eat healthy without allergens or food sensitivities. She has worn many hats in the food allergy community since 2001 - support group member, volunteer, advocate, educator, author and speaker. Julie received her master's degree from Framingham State University in Nutrition Education in 2015.

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