Eczema relief on the road

Itch – Scratch – Itch – Scratch – Itch

Bumpy, swollen, red fingers

Painful eczema

When we were traveling for a year I wondered ‘how was I going to manage the itch abroad?’

Whether we were in Iceland, Morocco or in-between I needed a quick, easy-to-pack, inexpensive remedy to heal my itchy hands that worsened with washing.  Avoiding cooking, cleaning or washing was not an option.  Rubber and latex gloves worsen my hand eczema unfortunately.

I tried various creams.  No health insurance.  Didn’t want to spend hundreds to visit a physician to get an Rx; typically a steroid cream.  Steroids thicken the skin; don’t like that. 

Then I discovered ‘Chap Stick’.  Really?  Isn’t this a petroleum product!!!  (Vaseline is petroleum jelly for example) Argh!!!!

I never liked the thought of putting petroleum products on my skin- still struggle with this thought.

I rubbed the patches of eczema with chap stick and guess what?  It worked.  My hands cleared up.  I could wear my wedding ring more often and well, my hands looked better.  Chap Stick fits in my pocket.  Ahhhh – portable relief

The story doesn’t stop there.  Later bought a small jar of thick Nivea cream.  Again, my mind is saying ‘oh no, preservatives, chemicals, yuck’ and ‘do I really want that on my skin?’  I decided to try the cream.  The result?  My hands look and feel so much healthier.  Although I was banned from using anyone’s computer keyboard, ‘Mom, my keys are greasy!’

Soon after our return to the U.S. I lost my Chap Stick.  Shopping for a new one I found many came in ‘flavors’.  I tried one with peppermint – so irritating to my skin.  I didn’t want to smell like a berry, peach or vanilla bean either. Finally I found a plain ole Chap Stick.  My hands never looked better.



Venice, Italy, Summer of 2012 Trip

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