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Peanuts – They are everywhere

Peanut – an essential ingredient worldwide Peanut allergic traveler alert. There is a global infusion of peanut used as an ingredient in many countries such as; Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Israel, France, China, Thailand, Indonesia and African countries such as Ghana,

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Eczema relief on the road

Itch – Scratch – Itch – Scratch – Itch Bumpy, swollen, red fingers Painful eczema When we were traveling for a year I wondered ‘how was I going to manage the itch abroad?’ Whether we were in Iceland, Morocco or

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School Overnight Trips

Send or Not to Send? That is the question. School class trips abroad or to another state have an appeal to many students but to our FA children? They may feel the opposite.  Our FA son has an opportunity to

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Traveling to Scotland

A Bonnie Place Aye, Scotland is a bonnie land where neeps, tatties, haggis and blood sausage are part of the food culture Last year we ingrained ourselves into the Scottish culture of the North Highlands, Inverness, Loch Ness, St. Andrews

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Emergency Prep travels far

Safety First Remember the day you found out your loved one was diagnosed with anaphylaxis? I will never forget.  After looking at our infant son’s red irritated skin his pediatrician declared the reason was food allergies.  My reaction…a doe in

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Location Matters

Where to? How do you decide where to vacation while managing food allergies, asthma or other food related issue? Let us help you make an informed decision before you book:   What healthcare is available at the destination? You can

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Packing for FA Safety

Essentials for Food Allergy/Asthma safety: In addition to clothes, shoes, toiletries, and emergency medication (for all conditions) we travel with a few extra essentials.  It helped us to create a safer, less anxious family vacation; Plastic storage container with; Small

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