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Emergency Prep travels far

Safety First Remember the day you found out your loved one was diagnosed with anaphylaxis? I will never forget.  After looking at our infant son’s red irritated skin his pediatrician declared the reason was food allergies.  My reaction…a doe in

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Location Matters

Where to? How do you decide where to vacation while managing food allergies, asthma or other food related issue? Let us help you make an informed decision before you book:   What healthcare is available at the destination? You can

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Packing for FA Safety

Essentials for Food Allergy/Asthma safety: In addition to clothes, shoes, toiletries, and emergency medication (for all conditions) we travel with a few extra essentials.  It helped us to create a safer, less anxious family vacation; Plastic storage container with; Small

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Vacation Rental Booking – Our tips

Vacation Home Away from Home Our go-to home rental sites: VRBO, AirBnB, and HomeAway If you read the caption you learned what we did first hand.  Some rentals are used by owners so their style of living may not be

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First flight jitters

Our twin boys, one with food allergies, flew on their first flight at 5 months old.  Off to sunny Florida with auto-injectors filled with epinephrine and a bottle Benedryl on hand to visit grandma and grandpa. Our biggest travel fear? 

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Moving onward

The food sensitive shopper is soon to embark on a lengthy journey.  It is with the help of friends and family we have provided you with in-depth stories and useful information over the past few years.  We are eternally grateful

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Listen to our Podcast – Putting the Social back into Social Events

 Jenn Slack, The Food Allergy Therapist and Julie Trone, CEO of Allergy Free Table, discuss how to put the social back into social events. This podcast is a must if you need advice on safely navigating through attending social events.  

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Podcast – Putting the Social back into Social Events

Party Anxiety? Our post this week is a podcast.   You may want to schedule about 35 minutes of time because Jennifer Slack, The Food Allergy Therapist, and I talk about the anxieties and practical management of a variety of social

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Booking a flight? Planning just got a bit easier

Plan and prepare when traveling by air When it comes to traveling by air with food allergies, celiac disease or gluten intolerance it is important to choose the airline that can accommodate your needs.  With a peanut or tree nut

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